SPINE PRESS is a graphic design studio & small publishing company running by Marvin Kim based on Seoul, South Korea. It usually publishes a book for a personal experiment or workshop ‘A Strange City’. 813 Bukaksan-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul / info@marvinkim.kr

Workshop Archive Book

<A Strange City 2>

210 x 148mm, 204p, 2020
ISBN: 979-11-970333-3-9
Price: 13,000 KRW

Workshop Archive Book

<A Strange City 1(Re-design)>

210 x 148mm, 136p, 2020
ISBN: 979-11-970333-1-5
Price: 10,000 KRW

Instagram Live Broadcasting Viewers
Participation Drawing Project


97 x 195mm, 140p, 2020
ISBN: 979-11-970333-0-8
Price: Update Soon

Marvin Kim PF Book

<Vine: Expand to Space>

178 x 112mm, 118p, 2020
Price: Not for sale

Marvin Kim MFA Thesis

<Study of Emotional Expression
through Body Movement>

257 x 182mm, 93p, 2019
Price: Not for sale

Workshop Archive Book

<A Strange City 1>

210 x 148mm, 136p, 2019
Price: Sold Out

Marvin Kim Solo Exhibition Brochure
<Growing Grid>

84p, 182 x 257mm, 2018 
Price: 12,000 KRW