I’m a graphic designer and artist based in Seoul, South
Korea. I usually dealing with like a poster, printe matters,
identity and so on. I started my own studio, ‘Spine Press’,
which is a graphic design studio and a small press.
Also, i’ve been doing workshop ‘A Strange City’ annually.
The result of the workshop is publish as a archive book.

Email: info@marvinkim.kr
Instagram: @marvin.kim


Kookmin Univ. Communications Design, MFA
Pukyong National Univ. Visual Design, BA


2020, Virtual Gallery & Art Shop ‘desk desk’ Art Directing(W.I.P)
2020, JIFF ‘100 Films 100 Posters’
2020, Artbook Fair ‘GRIMDOSI S#5: Waypoint’ Exhibition Design(W.I.P)
2019, Cafe ‘SERO’ Brand Identity Design

2019, ‘Hippy was Gipsy‘ 4th Album Total Design
2019, Eunkook Park Solo Exhibition ‘Light Study’ Exhibition Design
2019, SINQMIN EP ‘Stadium’ Album Cover Design
2019, Naver Onstage ‘Sound Play’, Hippy was Gipsy X Marvin Kim
2018, ‘Hippy was Gipsy‘ Compilation LP Design
2018, ‘Hippy was Gipsy‘ 2nd, 3rd Album Design
2017, Yeonghongdo Mural Project, Goheung
2017, ‘Hippy was Gipsy‘ 1st Album Design


2020, <A Strange City 2>, ISBN: 979-11-970333-3-9
2020, <A Strange City 1>, ISBN: 979-11-970333-1-5

2020, <QUEST>, ISBN: 979-11-970333-0-8
2019, <Study of Emotional Expression through Body Movement>, MFA Thesis
2018, <Growing Grid>, Independent Publication


2018, Growing Grid, HOARD Gallery, Seoul


2017, Middle Ground, XEINZENO Gallery, Seoul
2017, BIAF, Bexco, Busan
2017, ASYAAF, DDP, Seoul
2017, GIAF, Sejong Museum Of Art, Seoul


2019, MAPS Magazine, June, <LOVE 7>
2019, It’s Nice That, Graphic Design
2019, Air Seoul Magazine ‘Your Seoul’ January
2017, MAPS Magazine, July