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<Director: Bárbara PAZ - Babenco: Tell Me When I Die>

Film Poster Design
600 x 900mm, 2020

Director: Bárbara PAZ
Producer: Laura ROSSI
Script: Maria CAMARGO, Bárbara PAZ
Cinematography: Stefan CIUPEK, Carolina COSTA, Bárbara PAZ
Cast: Hector BABENCO, Bárbara PAZ
Editor: Cao GUIMARÃES, Bárbara PAZ
Sound: Miriam BIDERMAN, Rodrigo FERRANTE

Main Poster - Detail - Panorama cut
NASA unveiled Mars photographed by the Mars exploration robot vehicle, Curiosity in 2019. The panorama created by connecting a lot of photos is shown as a compressed space-time plane. However, there is a crack between each photo, and this margin is complemented with imagination of ours. Place that may not exist because we can’t go and points of familiarity and familiarity in the image overlap with the scenery in the movie. I was exploring the world he had created, like a robot looking around Mars.  The series of screen shots obtained as the result are arranged in a predetermined space within the pre-extracted from Curiosity’s panorama photo frame. Spaces that have not yet been filled are filled by the program 'automatic recognition'. The face of an actress & actor who is naturally connected but has nothing to do with it sometimes intervenes.